My Podcast Debut

I’m thrilled to announce that I recently appeared on the podcast The Authentic Spiritual Journey, hosted by my colleague and friend, Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson. Rev. Anderson is a life and leadership coach, as well as senior minister at Christ Church Unity in Orlando, Florida and the author of four books, including Unexpected Income. Some of you may remember the healing work she did after Orlando’s worst trauma in modern memory, the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub, work for which she received the Governor’s Award for Civic Service.

On her podcast, Rev. Anderson and I had a wide-ranging conversation about pandemics, politics, and ego states. She wanted to know whether my work on AIDS for the World Health Organization could shed any light on the challenges we now face (hint: it does) and how we can take care of ourselves and our communities in this time of great uncertainty (hint: act our age). Along the way, we discussed many other topics, including religion, social media, and my book, Iron Legacy.

Here’s a link to the podcast on Rev. Anderson’s web site. If you prefer, you can go straight to it on YouTube, where you can help other people find it by clicking the “like” button. However, you find it, I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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  1. Dear Donna,
    Thank you for recognizing there are a growing number of victims of religious trauma. Many of these victims hide within the safety of their homes, unsure of who to turn to for help or simply hiding from their own pain. They are plagued by constant triggers reminding them of their experience. I was one of these people. As a young adult, I gathered the courage to break away from the controlling church and Pastor and now I am finally ready to tell my story. I have written a book about my experience not only to raise awareness of abusive church leaders, but also to instill hope in wounded souls that they can find their own Jesus. My question to you is- how can I reach these hurting Christians? How can they know to find me? Any thoughts, ideas, or advice you may have is much appreciated! -Kimalee Finelli

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