A New Podcast for Survivors

Hello, friends! This new year is bringing a lot of big changes, and one of the best is my new podcast! Called “Healing Your Family Legacy,” it’s a year-long weekly series on the Experience of the Soul podcast channel. As some of you may remember, last summer I appeared as a guest on another Experience of the Soul podcast, “The Authentic Spiritual Journey,” hosted by the Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson. In my new venture, I explore how our families shape our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and experiences, not only during our childhoods, but also throughout our lives. Taking on a different topic every week, I tell stories, explain concepts, give advice, and respond to listeners’ questions. In future episodes, I’ll occasionally invite guests to share their special expertise or different perspectives. I may even read a bit from Iron Legacy and talk about why it’s important and how it can help others struggling with their own legacies.

Episodes of “Healing Your Family Legacy” are available each Sunday. To hear the first episode, which debuted on February 7, 2021 and which welcomes everyone to the podcast, click here.

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