Iron Legacy

Dr. Donna Bevan-Lee: Iron Legacy
Dr. Donna Bevan-Lee: Iron Legacy


In her book, IRON LEGACY: Childhood Trauma and Adult Transformation, Dr. Bevan-Lee shares compelling personal stories and practical strategies to overcoming childhood trauma. Based on her wildly successful “Legacy Workshop” that’s helped thousands of people over 50 years, Donna explains how the hardest work has to be done for healing to happen.
Readers will learn:

  • That codependence is a disease of adults and is caused by childhood trauma
  • Why children are acting their age at all times
  • Why some people are able to move on and some aren’t
  • How to cure anxiety disorder for good
  • Why sharing your codependence recovery with family of origin is a bad idea

Donna Bevan-Lee had a tough childhood. When her father, a leader in the Mormon church, felt playful, he roped her by the feet like a rodeo calf, yanking her to the ground, dragging her through the dirt. If she resisted, his steel toe boots, or hard-won rodeo buckle battered her tiny body. In darker moods, he did far worse, his brutality excused by a complicit church. The abuse she suffered had profound and lasting consequences. Now a renowned psychotherapist in private practice for nearly 50 years, Dr. Bevan-Lee has a deep understanding of resilience and has dedicated her life to helping others discharge their childhood trauma to develop freedom as an adult.

Dr. Donna Bevan-Lee: Iron Legacy

Roughly a quarter of American children experience complex trauma resulting from abuse, neglect, catastrophic illness, or other adversity.

Dr. Bevan-Lee understands how trauma affects the developing brain, that it’s not something we outgrow; it permanently alters our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behavior, often without our awareness. It derails our plans, sabotages our relationships, and convinces us that we’re unworthy of happiness. It makes us vulnerable to addiction, obesity, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and early death. It is a challenge like no other.


Donna Bevan-Lee, Ph.D., MSW, received her Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Utah and her doctoral degree from International University Graduate Studies in New York. She’s worked with everyone from sexual assault and domestic violence victims to first responders including training police in trauma informed interviewing. Her programs have helped both men and women, couples in crisis, LGBTQ etc., and people suffering from all forms of addiction. She lives in western Washington with her wife of 20 years and hosts a popular podcast, Healing Your Family Legacy.

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“I am endlessly grateful for, astounded by, my joy-filled life, given my history of childhood trauma. I have no doubt that the reasons I’ve done as well as I have is the healing philosophy put forth in Iron Legacy.”

– Alle C. Hall, author of As Far as You Can Go Before You Have to Come Back

“Donna combines a sense of humor, humility and genius in her storytelling that allows the reader to identify and begin to examine their own legacy of childhood trauma. We highly recommend Iron Legacy, it is the best book to date on the effects that our families and cultures have on our lives.”

– Ken and Mary Richardson

“Practical, simple suggestions that can be implemented immediately. Expanded my consciousness and catapulted my healing into a dimension I didn’t know was possible.”

– Ruth Segal

“If you have experienced any kind of trauma growing up- no matter how big or small-if you need to work on boundaries, if you need to receive validation that you are NOT your parents, if you need inspiration that people can change and live their lives with self-agency, happiness and freedom even after horrific treatment that seems embedded into the psyche, buy this book now.”

– Amazon 5-star reviewer