Claudia Black reviews Iron Legacy!

Claudia Black, who literally wrote the book on growing up in an alcoholic family, has read and endorsed Iron Legacy! Long before psychologists understood the impact of childhood trauma, Dr. Black’s groundbreaking It Will Never Happen to Me spoke for the millions of people who wondered how they turned into their alcoholic parents–or married them. In addition to pioneering the field, she continues to shape the way we understand the relationship between trauma and addiction, not only through her astonishing literary output, but also through her lectures, therapeutic programs and professional training workshops. Her latest book is the powerful Unspoken Legacy: Addressing the Impact of Trauma and Addiction within the Family, published just last year.

I first heard Dr. Black speak in Tucson, Arizona in 1981. Before then, I had thought the phrase “you could hear a pin drop” was an exaggeration, but that Tucson audience was absolutely silent as her words offered hope and understanding many had never encountered before. Over the years, I’ve had the good luck to hear her speak many times, and her clear, concise explanations, grounded in her own personal experience, never fail to inspire me. Also inspiring, though less well-known, is her athleticism. An accomplished road-bike rider, she’s a repeat veteran of the Chilly Hilly, a 33-mile circuit of Bainbridge Island that kicks off the Pacific Northwest riding season.

I’m pleased and proud that Dr. Black, the author of so many important books, has this to say about my first one:

Iron Legacy is a powerful book that demonstrates both the vulnerability and the strengths of those who have been subject to childhood trauma.  Masterfully using her own personal story, Donna Bevan-Lee validates, educates, and empowers the reader in their own personal path of recovery. She has been on this journey personally and professionally for over four decades; her wisdom and experience are transformative.

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