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When people read Iron Legacy and take the time to share their opinions with me and other readers, I feel a gratitude that is hard to describe (and, as many know, I am rarely at a loss for words). I’m thrilled to have strong reviews (and five-star ratings) on both Amazon and Goodreads, along with positive comments in emails, texts, phone calls, and in-person conversations. As a first-time author, I rely on such feedback to tell me what readers appreciate and, perhaps more importantly, to introduce Iron Legacy to other people who might benefit from the book.

Because prospective readers often pay particular attention to the opinions of experts, I have gathered reviews written by colleagues who work with people affected by childhood trauma. I used the first as the blurb on the back cover of Iron Legacy; the other two appear on one or both of the web sites I just mentioned. All offer thoughtful opinions based on wide reading in psychology and years of clinical experience.

Claudia Black, Ph.D.

Best-selling author Claudia Black pioneered the study of alcoholic family systems and remains one of the world’s top authorities on the subject. Dr. Black called Iron Legacy:

A powerful book that demonstrates both the vulnerability and the strengths of those who have been subject to childhood trauma.  Masterfully using her own personal story, she validates, educates, and empowers the reader in their own personal path of recovery. Donna Bevan-Lee has been on this journey personally and professionally for over four decades; her wisdom and experience are transformative.

John Erik Burgess, J.D., M.S., LMFT, LMHC

An attorney and a psychotherapist, John Burgess is focused on healing trauma and working with the addiction community.

Iron Legacy is a rare find among the onslaught of self-help and pop psychology books. Grounded in research and clinical experience, this book requires keeping an extra copy on your shelf to loan out to friends and family. I found myself discussing the science and stories to anyone who would listen. Over the past months, I’ve noticed the impact of this book on my life and the newfound awareness that comes from incorporating the suggested practices and processes.

Iron Legacy captures much of the “new” wisdom currently backed by the groundbreaking work in psychology and neuroscience. For example, “coherence” is a favorite in therapy; at the end of Part II, Dr. Bevan-Lee suggests writing (and re-writing) a meaningful and organized self-narrative. The practical suggestions and specific steps on creating a self-narrative avoids jargon or terms of art while allowing the essence of the idea to become accessible and clear.

Dr. Bevan-Lee has successfully walked a fine line between providing useful information without overly complicating a difficult topic. The depth of understanding and fluidity of presentation is obvious from the beginning and the real stories keep the reader on firm footing. I highly recommend this book to anyone working on addressing their life’s drama and chaos – this book helps us understand how our unresolved childhood trauma can impact our adult lives. Iron Legacy provides hope to those who have “tried everything” without the success they deserve. If you’re interested in bravely moving forward with your life, this book is a solid step towards your transformation.

Ken Richardson, BSW and Mary Richardson, M.Phil.

Consultants Ken and Mary Richardson help individuals, businesses, and communities cope with problems such as addiction, obsessive-compulsive behavior, codependency, and grief.

We have known and worked with Donna Bevan-Lee since 1984. She was our personal and couple’s counselor for many years and then our colleague. Donna taught us about codependence and trauma and its relationship to addictions. She has been helping countless numbers of people heal their lives for over 40 years. Her book, Iron Legacy, is an accumulation of Donna’s many years of wisdom, expertise and humor woven into the telling of her childhood story. She combines a sense of humor, humility and genius in her storytelling that allows the reader to identify and begin to examine their own legacy of childhood trauma. We highly recommend Iron Legacy, it is the best book to date on the effects that our families and cultures have on our lives.

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